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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Many of my customers will invariably want to use a random bank who posted a lower than average interest rate in the newspaper. I caution them, and actually insist, that they work with my tried and true list of lenders (or mortgage brokers who have a stable of lenders with whom they have a relationship and upon whom they rely).

That lender, who quoted the low rate, will NOT deliver, 99 times out of 100. The worst experience I had was with US Bank. The lender was located out of state. They required things such as the license of the home inspector. They questioned the borrower taking a better paying job doing the same thing he always did, in the same field. Never mind that the loan was to be only 30% of the value. The number of hoops my buyer had to jump through was absurd, and they never picked up the phone, and they ultimately never made any progress to approve the loan. Luckily, the buyer had double applied, and the back up lender was easily able to fund the loan.
Many times the problem is with an inexperienced, uninformed loan representative, who is eager to make a loan, and promises too much.
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013
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That ribbon in a horse's tail is more than a fashion statement. Among those in the know, it is code for a particular attribute that the rider may not have time to express to others until it's too late.
You may have known to stay away from the rear end of a horse wearing a red ribbon it it's tail. The red ribbon is a sign that says "back away - horse kicks". There is a universal language at horse shows about four other colors, the meaning of which is as follows:
Blue - worn by stallions - mares in heat will be a distraction.
Green - worn by young, inexperienced horses otherwise known as "green".
Pink - mare in heat - this horse might be cranky, or prone to teasing other horses.
White - this horse is for sale. recalls a few other, lesser known meanings for various ribbon colors:
White with green dollar signs: Rider is "horse poor" and needs cash - throw money in rider's direction for feed, farrier, vets, chiropractor, trainer, show entry fees.
Purple: Weekend warrior - these horses are prone to tying-up and may need electrolytes, water, helicopter air-lift.
Rainbow: Gay Caballero
Candy cane: Horse has a mechanical hitch or other deformity that renders a limp. It is good for these horses to exercise, yet well-meaning opinionated people who are merely ignorant may think the horse is lame and/or that the rider is abusing the horse.
Yellow: Horse is highly trained and ridden by a pro or experienced rider entering an open amateur class. It's common for the rider to be despised: there is no way to win a blue ribbon against her/him.
Do you know of any other ribbon colors that are used? Or can you suggest one that might be helpful?!
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013
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The equestrian lifestyle is alive and well in the Santa Rosa Valley, Ventura County, CA.

A new public equestrian park in eastern Ventura County will be presented at a ribbon cutting ceremony and community BBQ on Saturday, Oct. 12 from 10-3PM

Located in the beautiful Santa Rosa Valley (Camarillo), the new facility is expected to be a popular venue for horse shows, exhibitions, and anything horsey. Along with the arena, the community funded facility includes new oak studded connector trails.

Anyone is invited to come use new arenas ad trails and partake in free food, music and other entertainment. There will be ample free pull through parking.

You’re Invited!

Santa Rosa Valley Equestrian Park Ribbon Cutting and BBQ

Saturday October 12, 10:00am-3:00pm

Schedule of Activities:

10:00 am - Horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking into Hill Canyon Open Space and Wildwood Park on the multi-use trails accessible from Santa Rosa Park, and free use of the arenas

11:30 am - Complimentary BBQ by the Thousand Oaks Kiwanis, picnicking, horseshoe games

1:00 pm - Ribbon Cutting by Ventura County Board of Supervisors, Santa Rosa Valley Municipal Advisory Council, and Mayor of Thousand Oaks

1:15 pm - Opening Flag Ceremony and Exhibitions in the Arena featuring 4-H Club, Pony Club, Drill Teams, Jumping, and more!

Located at:

10241 Hill Canyon Road, Santa Rosa Valley

Directions: Santa Rosa Valley Park is located on Hill Canyon Road, south of where it intersects

with Santa Rosa Road, three and a half miles west of the Santa Rosa Road/Moorpark Road intersection.

For more information, call the office of Supervisor Linda Parks (805) 214-2510 or Ruth Means (805) 491-3020.

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Friday, September 13, 2013
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Friday the 13th, 2013
Would you by a house today?
Some people wouldn't buy a house ANYTIME in 2013, let alone Friday the 13th. Clothiers and wedding planners attribute a decrease in sales volume to the year 2013. Kim Kardashian says she won't marry her baby daddy this year because it's bad luck (did she marry her first husband on the 13th?!).

Superstitions about the number 13 may have had biblical origins and statistics vary about whether more or less accidents happen on that day. Cultural bias has perpetuated the fact that many people are uncomfortable with the number 13th. Builders will commonly omit the number 13 from elevators and apartment numbers.
Meanwhile, 2013 has been a banner year for real estate in Los Angeles County. Conejo Valley has seen it's largest increase in home values this year than ever recorded. If there are home buyers waiting for the clock to strike 2014, imagine how much more of a seller's market it would be if they jumped in as well. It has certianly been a lucky year so far if you own real estate, or stocks for that matter. Maybe it's not so lucky if you're stockpiling precious metals....

I say, this is a lucky day if you are buying a home. Rates are still low, the frenzy of this spring has cooled somewhat, and it's less likely someone will outbid you today.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Can't find the home of your dreams? Build it!
Inventory of existing homes on large lots in the Conejo Valley is still low. Building a home can be the solution.
With land loans virtually non-existent, what are a buyer's options? Cash offers will result in the lowest possible purchase price.
Otherwise, a land buyer must wait for planning commission approval of the house plans in order to procure a construction loan. Unfortunately, not all sellers will tie up their property for 6-12 months waiting for approvals before closing the sale. The best compromise is for the buyer to pay the largest down payment possible to convince the seller to carry the land loan. A 30% to 50% down payment is reasonable. Some sellers can and will carry the land loan until a construction loan can be procured.
Once the financing issues are resolved, then the real work begins - plan to spend $50,000-$100,000 and easily a year of pre-development time before breaking ground. Topographical surveys, geotechnical testing, percolation and ground water testing, civil engineering, hydrology studies, biology and tree reports, architects, structural engineering, fuel modification plans, energy calculations, health and fire department approvals, rendering and elevations, making zillions of copies of everything and paying fees for everything, getting three bids from graders, framers, foundation contractors, electricians, plumbers, drywallers, painters, roofers, window installers, A/C contractors, carpenters, landscapers, etc. just about sums up the process. Some people do it while holding down a full time job - they are my heroes. These people deserve the prize: a custom home exactly the way they wanted it.
If all of this sounds like your cup of tea, consider these new land listings in Agoura and Westlake, respectively:
Remarkable 40-acre parcel of raw land near Agoura Road and Liberty Canyon. 588' x 20' unpaved driveway leads to flat pad with tranquil canyon views. The potential for this utterly unique parcel is limitless - private custom estate, vineyards, horses, riding trails and so much more. Major cross streets are Liberty Canyon and Agoura Road. Lot is behind gates at the end of the cul-de-sac on Country Glen Road next to 27572 Country Glen. Listed at $1,500,000
Nearly 12 Acres on Cul de Sac near North Ranch Westlake Village - short sale, in default.
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Thursday, September 05, 2013
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A tax code change that applies to 2013 income favors home based businesses. The IRS requires that a person claiming a home office deduction (having fulfilled the regular and extensive use and principal place of your business requirements) only has to multiply the square-footage of their home office by $5 – the maximum deduction is $1,500. This does away with complicated computations to determine the percentage of the total dwelling used.
The tax code change further legitimizes home businesses, which now dominate in number all small businesses. Growth of home based business peaked during the great recession. Working from home saves money and time; technological advances make it exceedingly possible.
Governments are making strides, and some laws still need revamping to catch up to the popular practice of working from home.
The California State Assembly recently passed new legislation that assures legal status for businesses that sell baked goods and other "non-potentially hazardous" food items produced in home kitchens.
As of this summer, the City of Agoura Hills now registers home based businesses. Until now, application for home based business were processed by LA County. Businesses must comply with both City and County regulations.
Most of the regulations pertain to controlling noise, health and safety, and visual impacts of the business on the neighbors. Additional regulations that apply to seemingly victim-less crimes may still need to be more lenient, especially in low density, semi-rural communities.
There shall be no stock in trade other than products manufactured on the premises.
A home occupation shall not be conducted in an accessory structure, and there shall be no storage of equipment or supplies in an accessory structure or outside dwelling.
No other than a resident of the dwelling shall be employed in the conduct of a home occupation.
No mechanical equipment is to be utilized except that which is necessarily, customarily or ordinarily used for household or leisure purposes.
No motor shall exceed 1 horsepower, and the total horsepower of all motors within the dwelling shall not exceed 2 horsepower.
Certain types of businesses have their particular regulations. For example, an in-home day care business can have no more than 14 kids, and can be registered only where another day care is not located within a distance of 300 feet.
Questions regarding the City of Agoura Hills Home Occupation Regulations and Registration may be directed to the Department of Planning and Community Development at 818 597-7309
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Tuesday, September 03, 2013
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Community Blanket Drive Sept 7-8

Please participate in a community effort to provide relief and comfort to animals in need by donating new or used blankets, comforters, towels, pet beds, collars and leashes, and other pet-related items. Items collected from the Blanket Drive will be donated to Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL), a charity that distributes recycled and new pet-related items to comfort stray, sick, neglected and abused homeless animals in shelters, rescue groups, sanctuaries and foster groups, and to animals that are displaced or endangered by catastrophe.

Why: Provide comfort to homeless animals in shelters, rescue groups, fosters and sanctuaries, making them more adoptable.

What: Donate (new or used) blankets, comforters, towels, pet beds, collars and leashes, houses, toys, other pet-related items.

Where: Drop-off box at Old Agoura equestrain arena, corner Driver and Chesebro

When: Saturday September 7 - Sunday September 8, 2013

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