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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Would you rent to this tenant prospect?!?!?
I received an application for a rental from a single dad with superb credit, money in the bank, great references. He's in the porn biz. My client said he won't rent to him. Would you?

As a card carrying member of the Apartment Owner's Association of Greater Los Angeles, I posed the question to AOA Staff:

"Making the assumptions that:

a) we’re talking about legal, adult porn

b) he doesn’t work from home

c) he doesn’t make a practice of bringing too much of his work home with him (traffic, loud partying, etc.)

Adult porn is legal, so he should be treated like any other applicant and judged by the same criteria.Your client does not have the right to arbitrarily turn down someone who meets all of the criteria. The only option is to find another applicant who is even more qualified. Along with the credit history, you also got criminal history, so you would know if he’s been arrested for drugs or anything else. Additionally, unless his company’s called “Pornos R Us” or something equally obvious, he could’ve just told you he worked for an independent film studio. My suggestion would be to suggest to the owner that the applicant be initially put on a month-to-month agreement to see how things go.

One of my favorite lenders has this to say:

"The fact that he's employed is good enough for me. One of the largest loans I've ever done ($12M) was for the dildo king of North America!"

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013
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Celebrate 10 years of Ahmason Ranch, now known as the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space. Sunday, November 17th, 2013 1pm to 4pm.

Enjoy exibits, trail naming, family hikes, refreshments and more.

25345 Mureau Road, Calabasas

Ahmanson Ranch borders the equestrian communities of Hidden Hills, Old Agoura, and is accessible from Bridle Path in Simi Valley. Some of the most tranquil, scenic trails in the Santa Monica Mountains can be found in Ahmanson. Named for the former owner Howard F. Ahmanson (best known as CEO of Home Savings and Loan, now Washington Mutual), the land was slated for development not that long ago. Fortunately, the land was sold to the State of California in 2003.

Please see flyer here for more information.

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Monday, October 21, 2013
I am endorsing the following three candidates for the Agoura Hills City Council race. I feel they will listen to the residents of Agoura Hills, andwork to solve our traffic problems and are the best choice to listen to the concerns of Old Agoura and Save Open Space on the upcoming environmental document for the deer studded Chesebro Meadow.
It’s easy to mark the ballot: Their names are the last three names on the ballot! ASP
Chris Anstead "A"
Harry Schwarz "S"
Meril Platzer "P"
Help spread the word to your Agoura Hills friends!
From: Mary Wiesbrock, Chair Save Open Space/Santa Monica Mountains
There are three City Council seats to fill in the upcoming November 5 2013 election in Agoura Hills. For the first time, there are challangers to the incumbents who are running for a new term. A segment of the population, mostly Old Agoura residents, are upset with the city’s handling of the Chesebro Meadows property sale. The city recently purchased the 71-acre site just east of Old Agoura and has given a developer permission to build 15 luxury homes on the land. Old Agoura, after getting its wish not to have a school developed there, is now battling the homes. They want the full acreage preserved as open space.

The contentious issue figures to carry over into the November election.

Agoura Hills Mayor Denis Weber and City Council members Bill Koehler and Harry Schwarz are each running for additional four-year terms. They will face challenges from Meril Platzer, a doctor who’s lived in the city for 32 years and ran unsuccessfully for City Council in 2011, and from marketing executive Chris Anstead, a six-year resident.

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Monday, October 14, 2013
Great schools enhance home values. Studies show that buyers will pay a substantial increase in price for a home located in a Blue Ribbon school district. It's the acclaimed Las Virgenes Unified School District, servicing the Los Angeles County towns of Agoura, Westlake Village and Calabasas, that motivate buyers to pony up an extra $200,000-300,000 for a home in these areas. With the implementation of the L-STEM program, buyers may be willing to pay even more for a home in the LVUSD than for a home outside the district.
The extra premium paid for a home in a great school district is still less than the cost to continuously send even one child to private school. For homebuyers with multiple children, that increase in the cost of a home located in a great school district is a whopping savings over the cost of private school.
Read more about how great schools affect home prices:
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Tuesday, October 01, 2013
Image 1 of 1 Click to Enlarge Image is proud to sponsor the 2013 REYES ADOBE DAYS GYMKHANA to be held this Sunday October 6th 9am at the Old Agoura Park. To pre-register for this family fun event on horseback, click here for the entry form.

Bi- Wrangle
Single stake
Trail Course
Pairs Ribbon race

Leadline (classes 1&2 only)
Mustangs 12 & under
Broncs 13- 17
Swaybacks 18 & over

$6 per class or $30 for all six classes

Registration begins at 8am
Event starts at 9am

Ribbons 1st- 5th place
Highpoint prize for older three divisions (trail course and ribbon race do not count towards highpoint)

Food will be available on site

Helmets required if under 18 years old
No dogs please

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