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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Following in the footsteps of the city of Malibu, Moorpark City Council passed a resolution last week, urging businesses in the City of Moorpark to no longer use or sell anticoagulant rodenticides. The resolution also urges all property owners to cease purchasing or using anticoagulant rodenticides on their properties, and solidifies the City’s commitment to not using anticoagulant rodenticides as part of its maintenance program for City-owned parks, open space and facilities.

Additionally, several businesses in Agoura Hills have stopped stocking and selling the poisons which has been the primary reason for the decline in natural rodent predators including bobcat, owls, hawks, herons, and coyote.

In response to a request to stop selling the anticoagulant rat bait, Do-It Center states:

Dear Nona,

I wanted to let you know that we have removed the D-Con anticoagulant rat poisons from our shelves in Agoura.

In an effort to give our customers a safe alternative, we will be bringing in a non-toxic product (corn meal based) from Ratx. I have attached a product information page for your viewing. I think this will allow our customers to continue to control these pests effectively while allowing a safe alternative for the other animals.

Let me know your thoughts.

With sincerity,


Tony Capitelli


California Do-It Centers/DIY Centers

Ralph's Agoura Hills, Roadside Lumber, and West Valley Horse Center have also said they have ceased selling the aforementioned poisons.

Agoura Hay and Grain, declined to participate in the efforts to save wildlife. The owner, Denese Petrillo, said that she runs a small family owned business, and that she could not afford to stop selling the poisons. Even when offered her cost to clear her shelves of the poisons in stock, she was not interested in helping out. Members of the Las Virgenes Homeowner's Federation are urging a boycott stores who refuse to take the rodentcides off their shelves.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013
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Real estate sales volume made national news headlines this week as pending home sales fell almost 6% in September, according to the real estate trade association.
Pending home sales are measured by the number of signed contracts in a month and not necessarily closed deals.
The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported pending home sales fell 5.6% in September, which marks the fourth month of consecutive decline.
Typically first tuesday does not report pending home sales numbers since it is an extremely unreliable metric. Any number of mitigating circumstances may arise to kill deals.However, this time the trade association seems to have the bigger picture right. Where they usually argue from the point of view of supply, eager to maintain the illusion of scarcity, this time they are admitting that the problem is lack of real demand. We hate to say, "we told you so" but we've been reporting on this market misconception for a while now.
Let's take a look at the numbers in California:
  • the 30-year FRM averaged 4.45% in September 2013;
  • buyer purchasing power sank to a miserable -10.33;
  • September home sales volume showed a steady decline, down 15% from August; and as of August (our most recent pricing data) low-tier homes were priced 30% higher than a year earlier.
Incidentally, Inman news reports home prices nationwide are "14 percent off their bubble-era peak." The writing is on the wall. Our mini-bubble appears poised to pop. ~ Article courtesy of First Tuesday
Anyone who has been around the block (excuse the real estate pun) saw this coming. This is an article written by Nona Green at the beginning of June 2013:
"I buy when people are selling" J Paul Getty
"Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful." Warren Buffett
These quotes are from two of the world's most successful investors of all time. The advice has proven unfailingly valuable when applied to real estate purchases. Given the seller's market that has exploded this spring of 2013, it seems that the time tested, unforgiving lessons of supply and demand are going unheeded.
How soon we forget that the exponential value increases from 2003 were followed by abrupt declines only five years later. What has changed? Have we not learned anything?
The real estate industry "experts" are content that this time around, the economy is on the right track and increases in value are simply a healthy by-product. After all, they say, values are nowhere near the peak of early 2007 (as if that is any consolation - we KNOW what happened the following year). Nevertheless, the signs are ominous.
1) Demand generated by Media Hype
Today's news is the summer real estate sizzle of 2013.
All three broadcast networks are disseminating dramatizations about the run on real estate this summer. They narrate that new car sales are up. "Because people now have good secure jobs, they now have plenty of extra cash to spend." Hearing this enough times has affected consumer confidence and behavior. The epitome of media brainwashing is the number of reality shows that exploit home buying and home speculating.
Eventually, the next headline news about the stock market crash or mass shooting or tornado will command higher ratings and trump the canned media about real estate.
2) Influx of Mega investors
This spring, Governor Brown announced a partnership between a California development group and a Beijing real estate investment group. On a smaller scale, individual foreign investors are also competing with homebuyers who will occupy the property.
Large hedge fund buyers are also devouring real estate.
There is the potential that an increase in rentals will begin to alter the pride and care taken in a neighborhood. When the rate of return on these investments dips, the interest in these investments will also wane.
The foreclosure inventory will increase the supply, usually depressing values, when the cash investors stop buying up properties at the courthouse steps.
3) Volatility
It is a misuse of statistics to apply double digit increases to the entire population of home values based on a sample consisting of so few sales. In a given area, sometimes only 3 or 4 record sales are establishing a new benchmark for values. Thus, only 2 or more sales in the other direction will establish a new lower average value.
4) The Swarm Phenomenon
Like honeybees descending to a new queen, the same swarm of home-buyers flit from house to house, bidding against each other at each stop. The swarm itself it propelling the price of the home upward. The perception is that the skies are buzzing with bees, or buyers, yet it is the same swarm that is seen repeatedly in different locations.
5) Credit Easing Fueling Demand
The banking model of offering depositors less than zero interest on their money is not sustainable. To keep depositors happy, the rates will eventually increase and soften demand for home loans. The historically low mortgage interest rates currently makes buying cheaper than renting. That scenario will change when rates increase to steady inflation.
In spite of more regulation of lending institutions, there has been pressure from the very regulators to loosen underwriting standards. For instance, appraisers were given the green light to use pending sales when they can't find closed sales to support high prices.
6) Faster Than Exponential Increases in Value
When the values increase as they have this year, by more than a fixed percentage year over year, we are repeating the 2004-2006 scenario. In those years, economists were able to predict the subsequent crash.
Do the above signs suggest putting a real estate purchase on hold? Not necessarily. If renting is more expensive than buying, it still makes sense to jump in while rates are still low. Tax laws still support home ownership. Real estate is best considered a long term investment. Yet, if one is looking to invest in a spec home project, it may be a good idea to invest only what one can afford lose or live vicariously by watching "FLIP THIS HOUSE" on Cable TV.
Nona Green is licensed real estate broker with 35 years experience specializing in equestrian property in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. She blogs about her personal experiences as a practicing Realtor. Disclaimer: This column is not is not intended to be investment advice.
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Saturday, November 09, 2013
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Los Angeles County Supervisor Chairman Zev Yarozlavsky's term of office ends in 2014.

The Board of Supervisors is the governing body of the County of Los Angeles, a charter county. As such, it has the unique function of serving as the executive and legislative head of the largest and most complex county government in the entire United States. A civil service staff which performs the duties for the County departments and agencies serves the needs of the County's population of more than 10 million people.

All development plans in the county live or die by the vote of the Supervisors, at the direction of their chairman. Zev Yarozlavsky has held that post since 1994. Yaroslavsky is credited with helping maintain the natural and scenic character of the Santa Monica Mountians in Los Angeles County.
The Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation, and Equestrian Trails Incorporation are supporting Shiela Khuel's candidacy for the Supervisor's seat.
Click this link to RSVP attendance to tomorrows fundraiser:

Sheila James Kuehl served eight years in the State Senate and six years in the State Assembly, and, in 2008, left the legislature under California's term limits statute. She is currently the leading candidate running to succeed Zev Yaroslavsky as Los Angeles County Supervisor in 2014. She is the President of Kuehl Consulting, and serves as Founding Director of the Public Policy Institute atSanta Monica College. In Spring of 2012, she was appointed Regents' Professor of Public Policy at UCLA, teaching a class on Making Policy Through Laws and Rules in that quarter. She has produced a series of cable shows for the City of West Hollywood, drafted Model State Codes of Discrimination and Bullying for the Williams Institute at the UCLA Law School and consulted on a variety of public policy issues. During the 1997-98 legislative session, she was the first woman inCalifornia history to be named Speaker pro Tempore of the Assembly. She is also the first openly gay or lesbian person to be elected to the California Legislature. A former pioneering civil rights attorney and law professor, Sen. Kuehl represented the 23rd Senate District in Los Angeles andVentura Counties. During her tenure in the Legislature, she served as chair of the Senate Health Committee, the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee, the Senate Budget Sub-Committee on Water, Resources, and Energy, and the Assembly Judiciary Committee, and sat as a member on virtually every committee in both houses.

In her fourteen years in the State Legislature, Sen. Kuehl authored 171 bills that were signed into law, including legislation to establish paid family leave, establish the rights contained in Roe vs. Wade in California statute, overhaul California’s child support services system; establish nurse to patient ratios in every hospital; require that housing developments of more than 500 units have identified sources of water; further protect domestic violence victims and their children; prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender and disability in the workplace and sexual orientation in education; increase the rights of crime victims; safeguard the environment and drinking water; and many, many others. Beginning in 2003, she led the fight in the legislature to achieve true universal health care in California, and, in 2006, and again in 2008, brought SB 840, the California Universal Healthcare Act, to the Governor’s desk, the first time in U.S. history a single-payer healthcare bill had gone so far. Undaunted by its veto both times, Senator Kuehl is continuing to work with advocates statewide and nationally to bring universal, affordable, quality health care to all Californians.

She was selected to address the 1996 Democratic National Convention on the issue of family violence and the 2000 Democratic National Convention on the issue of diversity. In 1996, George magazine selected her as one of the 20 most fascinating women in politics and the California Journal named her “Rookie of the Year.” In 1998 and, again, in 2000, the California Journal chose her as the Assembly member with the greatest intelligence and the most integrity. In 2006, the Capitol Weekly picked her as the most intelligent member of the California Legislature.

Prior to her election to the Legislature, Senator Kuehl drafted and fought to get into California law more than 40 pieces of legislation relating to children, families, women, and domestic violence. She was a law professor at Loyola, UCLA and USC Law Schools and co-founded and served as managing attorney of the California Women’s Law Center.

Senator Kuehl graduated from Harvard Law School in 1978 where she was the second woman in the school’s history to win the Moot Court competition. She served on the Harvard University Board of Overseers from 1998 to 2005.

In her youth, she was known for her portrayal of the irrepressible Zelda Gilroy in the television series, “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.”

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Monday, November 04, 2013
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Burma Shave style signs are the creative campaign of the Old Agoura Homeowner's Association.
Disillusioned by the current Agoura Hills City Council members, who sold the Chesebro meadow wildlife corridor to a housing developer, agreed with CalTrans to widen the Palo Comado bridge, and approved a high density townhome development in Old Agoura, many Old Agoura residents would like to see candidates Meril Platzer and Chris Anstead replace the incumbent seats.

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