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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Are Lawns Obsolete?

A Morrison Ranch homeowner is being sued by their HOA for thousands of dollars in unpaid fines imposed because they replaced their lawn with artificial turf.

Read News story HERE.

Why are we watering huge expanses of lawn in a severe drought? Do we deny that drought is the new normal?

Many developments have replaced lawn with indigenous plants that are
drought tolerant and wildlife friendly. Originally people came to live in the Conejo Valley and
Thousand Oaks because they wanted to live near nature and open space. Ironically, developers paved paradise and planted lawns.

Some HOA members may think lawns are pretty. Lawn maintenance is a cultural aesthetic that originated in 16th century England and began as pasture land, trimmed by livestock. It came to this country as a bourgeois status symbol. In the past, the lack of a lawn was considered blight.

If HOA members are worried about property values, they are sorely out-of-touch with the fact that more buyers these days are sold on “green” or energy conserving features. Buyers are primarily concerned with keeping HOA dues low, and saving the expense of lawn maintenance will help. Solar panels on the roofs, using the money saved from irrigation and lawn maintenance, would also save the association a bundle.

Owners could pay the association for electricity rather than pay the utility
company. Lawns will soon be out of style and actually lower our property values as
water becomes scarce.

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Monday, April 06, 2015
This week on Wed, April 8, Los Angeles Regional Planning will vote whether to advance the
development of 16 new home in Monte Nido. The area near Piuma and Cold Canyon Roads could
be drastically changed forever.
This bucolic setting is an area of wildlive habitat, and in a time of severe drought, this is the wrong place and the wrong time for this development. The freshly minted
Local Coastal Plan would seem to prevent this type of development. The Planning department will be asked to appove the developers Environmental Impact Report. If you feel that this would be WRONG, please submit your letter asap:
PROJECT NO. R2012-02436 TO 02440 AND R2013-03620 TO 03630-(3) ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT CASE NO. 201200258
SUPPORT – Invalidate Approvals in Concept for Vintage Pacific. Comply with LCP.

OPPOSE – Validation of MND. Require New Environmental Review.

Honorable Los Angeles County Planning Commissioners,

I/we SUPPORT the LCP - and the staff's recommendation that the - Vintage Pacific 16 home development tract proposed project - be subject to and implemented under our newly certified Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Program (LCP) as required.

I/we also OPPOSE the staff's recommendation to validate the Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND), because it is insufficient for a newly re-designed project under the LCP. It has not adequately addressed the impacts - and therefore requires new environmental review.

A 16 home tract subdivision in the Santa Monica Mountains certified coastal zone will have significant negative impacts to the publics' resources: it could forever change the rural character of the Monte Nido community nested in the mountains and protected by our LCP; impact our sensitive and finite biological and spectacular scenic resources; impair our wildlife corridors and habitat; and, permanently tarnish the viewshed, particularly from the renowned Backbone Trail.


Your Name/Affiliation(if applicable)/Address

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