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Monte Nido fights against another tract development by Vintage Homes

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Tags:   Monte Nido Fights Against Another Tract Development by Vintage Homes
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Los Angeles Regional Planning will decide today if Matt Osgood's proposed development at the corner of Piuma and Cold Canyon must adhere to the Local Coastal Plan

From the Monte Nido Valley Newsletter:

Development of 15 tract homes coming our way!

Does this sound like the Monte Nido you know? Large, suburban tract homes boasting manicured lawns and pseudo classic architecture. Fearfully bright night lighting that drowns out the stars. Structured fencing obstructing nature trails to segregate all that pesky wildlife lurking in the mountain nest.
This is Monte Nido’s future.

There is a 15-home tract development currently in the works for both sides of Piuma between Cold Canyon andthe first hairpin curve. These new tract homes come to us from developer Matt Osgood of Vintage Communities, a well-known Orange County residential property development company.


Vintage at Hidden Park in Agoura Hills is developer Matt Osgood’s model for
Monte Nido’s future. Why should we be concerned about this tract development? Consider its impacts on:
? Reduced open space: 15 homes averaging 4500 sq. ft, not including garages (up to 1600 sq. ft), pools and other hardscape on proportionally small lots of approximately 1 acre along a half-mile stretch of both sides of Piuma -- with some homes 30ft. from the edge of Piuma.
? Effects on wildlife habitat and passage: fencing, night lighting, noise
? Impediments to Backbone Trail and views
Community Safety
? Flooding: despite the drought, there is an historical flooding problem along Piuma (recall 1980, 1995, and 2005) exacerbated by recent build-out on the triangle. Fifteen new tract homes and their hardscape could create a rush of floodwaters to the homes below.
? Wild fires and exiting traffic back-ups: with Piuma as the main thoroughfare for evacuations and fire vehicle transport, an overrun of development can obstruct fighting efforts.
Community Character
? Large tract homes on proportionally small lots in proximity to each other don’t support the aesthetic originality of our “rural village.”
? Dark skies are threatened.
? Is this the genesis of the Oaks or Simi Valley in our mountain nest – aren’t there enough of those?

What you can do:
1) See it. Drive up Piuma, take in the view (possibly for the last time), witness the cleared out lots, and envision the impact this large subdivision will have as you enter Monte Nido.
2) Read the history of this development at:
3) Google “Matt Osgood Vintage Properties” and pull up articles like:
4) Check out Matt Osgood’s Vintage Communities at Hidden Park Estates in Agoura Hills at to see his vision for Monte Nido.
5) Learn how the Naples community in Santa Barbara united and won against Matt Osgood’s planned development along their pristine coastline at
6) Attend small group information meetings hosted by your neighbors to galvanize our community efforts and preserve the Monte Nido we love.
For five decades, the Monte Nido Valley Community Association, a respected and heeded voice of the Santa Monica Mountains, has held the line on inappropriate development in the Las Virgenes Valley. Working with county and state agencies, and sometimes through litigation, we have fought to defend this beautiful “mountain nest” that some would like to exploit for their own gain.
Support our efforts with a donation to the legal fund dedicated to fighting this tract development.
Send payment to: MNVCA at P.O. Box 8054, Calabasas, CA 91372 or donate online.
Many thanks,
Your Neighbors, MNVCA

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