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Sunday, September 25, 2016
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Back in 1994, The City of Agoura Hills and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy joined forces to create Old Agoura Equestrian Park. One thing was omitted from the development plan - arena footing. Only with the donation from the first horse show put on Agoura Horse Property, Inc. in 1994, was a truckload of sand added. Twelve years later, that sand is gone, and what is left is a combination of clay, rocks, and manure. The drainage in non-existent, so after any measurable rain, the arena is closed for days.
Poor footing can cause injury to horses - anything from a stone bruise to ligament tears to excessive wear and tear on joints over time. Many serious equestrians shun Old Agoura Park for that reason.
Finally, the City has apportioned funds for new footing, and bids are submitted. We can expect to see new footing in the area this fall, and expect Old Agoura horse property to increase in desirability as a result.
The description of proper footing can vary depending on the availability of materials, weather conditions, and is our case drought. A comprehensive article on the subject:
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Introduction to Dressage in Southern California
Southern California is a hotbed for dressage enthusiasts. The international sport which has been included in the Olympics since 1996 (lookup #twohearts on Twitter for an after-view of last months games), was originally used by the Greek's to train their horses for war. It is considered the ultimate discipline in equestrian sports, as it lays a foundation for other all other types of recognized competitive riding (excepting maybe racing?). And discipline is the right word, as intense concentration and years of conditioning and practice is needed to excel at upper levels.
Southern California was the birthplace of California Dressage Society, one of the worlds largest dressage organizations. CDS is celebrating it's 50 year anniversary in 2017. DASC, or Dressage of Southern California has grown from a grass roots organization in 1977 to a 300 strong membership.
In the Los Angeles area, possibly the only fully accredited and legally complaint show venue is in Somis, California and is called Spirit Equestrian. Spirit Equestrian has from 10-20 shows per year, from introductory level to Grand Prix. The weather in Somis California is temperate with cooling breezes off the Pacific Ocean. This facility is offered for sale. For more information call Nona Green, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage - 818 426-2292
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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Before Trump vs. Clinton, before the debate about building a wall, there was no border between Mexico and California. Actually, California was part of Mexico, after Mexico declared independence from Spain.

The Reyes Adobe Day annual celebration in Agoura Hills, harks back to the days of the first Mexican settlers, some of whom were given large plots of land as a reward for serving in the military, and others who were well connected and could afford to make the trek to California and raise cattle.

California became US territory when it was conquered in the Mexico-US war of 1846-1848. The rudimentary surveys, and very inexact descriptions of those large ranches were not enough legal evidence for their owners to keep the US Government from taking their land. Or, the ranch owners owed such massive legal fees defending their rights, they had to give the land to the lawyers to settle their bill.

Reyes Adobe Days is a remembrance of those early ranches. From the perspective of the how the Adobe itself came to be, we might reflect on those early Mexican ranchers who were forced to give up their land upon which Agoura Hills has their festivities on Oct 6-9, 2016.

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