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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Check out his video for a rendering of the crossing, and an easy way to donate $10 at a time.

Test "Lion" to 25383

Warning: There are COUGAR jokes in this video.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Spiritual Paradise for sale? Actually, the land and the structures are for sale, Spiritual Paradise comes with it at no charge.

47 Acre Campsite/Corporate Retreat/Equestrian Center/Nature Sanctuary; These are just a few of the potential uses for this property zoned Resort and Recreational in unincorporated Los Angeles County. Year round Triunfo Creek meanders though the property which is studded with heritage oaks and soaring sycamores. Surrounded by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, the land is a refuge for wildlife including hawk, owl, deer, trout and turtles. The property consists of two parcels, each approximately 23.5 acres. Each parcel has an access road from Triunfo Canyon Road, and they share a bridge across the creek to acres of level to gently rolling land. There are several residences and accessory structures, a water well and storage tank, and sewer connection. The north half of the land is mountainous and connects with riding and hiking trails. This property would make a unique and ideal private estate site for one or two homes. Owner prefers to sell both parcels together, yet is open to selling just one. Buyer to verify square footage and bedroom/bath count - size reflects combination of multiple dwellings.

The property is owned by the esate of Alice Coltrane. She purchased the property in 1983 and today is still the site of her beloved Ashram. From the NY Times:

Alice Coltrane, widow of the jazz saxophonist John Coltrane and the pianist in his later bands, who extended her musical searches into a vocation as a spiritual leader, died on Friday in Los Angeles. She was 69.

Alice Coltrane

The cause was respiratory failure, said Marilyn McLeod, her sister and assistant.

Ms. Coltrane lived in the Woodland Hills section of Los Angeles near the Sai Anantam ashram in Agoura Hills, which she had founded in 1983. Known as Swami Turiyasangitananda, Sanskrit for “the highest song of God,” she was the guiding presence of the 48-acre ashram, set among the Santa Monica mountains, where 25 to 30 full-time residents study the Vedic scriptures of ancient India, as well as Buddhist and Islamic texts.

She was also the manager of Coltrane’s estate, as well as of his music-publishing company, Jowcol Music, and the John Coltrane Foundation, which has gives out scholarships to music students.

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Monday, July 27, 2015
Friends of the Santa Monica Mountains:
Tomorrow, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, will consider extending a very important urgency ordinance that temporarily prohibits the expansion of vineyards in the Santa Monica Mountains North Area Plan (the land use zoning area adjacent to the recently adopted Local Coastal Program). The county needs this crucial time to adequately study
the impacts,
and devise a solution to the unparalleled surge and deluge of vineyard applications bombarding regional planning.
If approved, these vineyards
consume and destroy hundreds and hundreds of acres of prime habitat in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains.
There is a huge concerted effort by the pro-vineyard lobbyists to defeat this proposed urgency ordinance extension tomorrow - which is why we implore you to step up and send an email without delay to the county - expressing your support for the extension today. Many of you will remember the similar battle we had during the LCP hearings.
Please do this:
1. Cut and past the email below and send immediately to the Board of Supervisors
Please also distribute it to your HOA members, neighbors and friends.
It is imperative to get your letters of support in
to the Board TODAY.
the Board of Supervisors hearing tomorrow - Tuesday, July 28, to voice your support for extending the interim ordinance.
As always, we are grateful for your help.
Kim Lamorie
Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation, Inc., of the Santa Monica Mountains
Put in
Cut and Paste From Here:
Honorable Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors:
I/we strongly support Regional Planning's recommendation to extend Interim Ordinance No. 2015-0022U for 10 months and 15 days - to temporarily prohibit the expansion of vineyards in the Santa Monica Mountains - North Area Plan/Community Standards District (NAP/CSD).
It is crucial to enable and give
the county enough
time to study
the impacts and a potential zoning amendment to address the unprecedented
, recent, overwhelming number of
applications for vineyards.
These applications raise significant concerns related to water supply, water quality, and land use compatibility. Vineyards require the removal of natural habitat and frequently,
extensive grading due to steep slopes - thereby increasing
runoff, erosion, and sedimentation, and caus
pesticides and fertilizers to infiltrate waterways.
The cumulative effect of vineyards will not only impair the area's fragile watersheds, but, negatively impact the public's scenic resources, denuding hillsides and ridgelines, irreparably damaging and transforming the character of the Santa Monica Mountains. Vineyards fragment vegetation and inhibit wildlife movement.
The Board found that the lack of appropriate regulations and development standards for vineyards in the Santa Monica Mountains North Area CSD may lead to development that would negatively impact water supply and quality, and detract from the physical appearance, condition, and character of the area. Unless Interim Ordinance No. 2015-0022U is extended, an irreversible incompatibility of land uses
occur as a result of the establishment or expansion of vineyards in the affected area, all to the detriment of public health, safety, and welfare.
?Please extend Interim Ordinance 2015-0022U.
Your name
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Sunday, July 26, 2015
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Monday, May 25, 2015

Luxury homes with five or more bedrooms are in demand as sober living homes. Sober living business owners will pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars more per month than a typical renter. The extra cash is tempting landlords. The proliferation of sober homes is changing the character of upscale, low-density neighborhoods such as Monte Nido, Malibu and Cornell, and may be contributing to the shortage of available rental housing. A sober living home business owner recently leased, with an option to purchase, a home on Balkins in Old Agoura. Nearby homeowners are distraught over lights left on all night, constant traffic and noise, and the revolving door of strangers.

A sober living home provides a controlled environment where recovering alcoholics and addicts can replace destructive habits with new healthy ones. When it is well run, a sober living home is hardly recognizable from any other home with a large family. Others are a nightmare for the neighbors, causing excessive traffic, noise, cigarette smoke and light pollution. Sober home business owners like to choose homes in areas where there are minimum 1 acre lots, to minimize the potential for complaints. Sober living home business owners say that their tenants don't drink or party, don't have noisy children or pets, and are the ideal neighbors.

Why are they allowed next door? It's a business after all. The answer to that question can be confusing. State law deems addicts as handicapped - they are a protected class, and it is illegal to discriminate against them. So if they want to live in a typical residential neighborhood, that is their prerogative per state law, provided no more than six clients plus staff take residence. On the other hand, they are not allowed to be a nuisance or otherwise break any laws.

If you sell your home, do you need to disclose to someone who is buying your home, that "HAPPY HEALTHY RECOVERY HOUSE" is across the street? If they are a protected class, much like a minority race or religion, wouldn't it be discriminatory to say there was "one of those" across the street? It is the seller's statutory responsibility to disclose any material fact that might influence a buyer's decision to purchase the home. I have had buyers reject a home next to a sober living home out of concerns about criminal activity. Some buyers would think twice before buying next door or even on the same block. It would seem only fair that a buyer be given the opportunity to investigate whether the sober living home was the subject of any complaints or to inspect the street for cigarette butts or other paraphernalia. An attorney for the California Association of Realtors is advising brokers to disclose the known presence of a sober living home is in the vicinity.

Several municipalities have enacted ordinances that require sober living homes to obtain a license or maximize the distance between sober living homes. These are currently being challenged in the courts as being discriminatory. At the very least, sober living homes will be held to a high standard so that good ones simply thrive unnoticed, and bad ones are shuttered..

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Yesterday while showing a horse ranch in Moorpark, I saw something I don't recall seeing ever before ... a blooming Century Plant (Agave). And this one was the size of a mature African elephant, with a stem that had to be at least a foot and a half in diameter, and maybe 25 feet tall. They are called Century Plants, because it could seem like 100 years before these plants ever bloom. In order to bloom, this plant had to have been near the end of it's 30 year life span, and will die after blooming.

Apparently the plant doesn't mind the dry whether. For that matter, while riding the trails in the Santa Monica Mountains, I've noticed as many blooming yuccas this spring than I've ever seen. Anyone who thinks lawns are pretty, really needs to see these plants flourish with nearly no watering. A landscape of manzanita, yucca, and sage that is ultra drought tolerant, is more beautiful than a water sucking lawn any day.

Anyone who wants to see this rare vision can call Nona Green, 818 426-2292 and consider buying an amazing 20+ Acre working Ranch with a 3 BR home, all for only $1,200,000.

"Agave July 2011-1" by Alvesgaspar - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Just the other day, I was empathizing with a developer client how the City of Agoura Hills was driving him crazy. The City engineers want seemingly over-the-top measures to stabilize a slope where an ancient landslide was discovered by the geologist.

Yesterday, I received a call from an attorney representing the United States Government, specifically the Natural Resources Conservation Service, to establish the value, before and after, of a Somis Ranch that was "red-tagged" due to a neighboring citrus orchard sliding onto it.

The lawsuit alleges damages of $8M from loss of use, relocation expenses, loss of business and goodwill, and punitive damages resulting from the citrus orchard's negligence. The grading and irrigation needed to plant the citrus grove allegedly caused a 1000 year old landslide to re-activate.

I speculate that the plaintiffs in the case were given a Natural Hazard Disclosure Report when they purchased the horse ranch. Such reports satisfy a seller's statutory requirement to disclose the presence of natural hazards, such as a landslide area or earthquake fault, in the area. I wonder if the NHD missed this one.

This news article came out right after the landslide did the initial damage:

There are many lessons to be learned here. I have new perspective about the city and countys job to oversee development. I see more clearly the need for regulating agriculture including vineuards, and one of the reasons why new vineyards were banned in the coastal zone. welcomes your comments.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Are Lawns Obsolete?

A Morrison Ranch homeowner is being sued by their HOA for thousands of dollars in unpaid fines imposed because they replaced their lawn with artificial turf.

Read News story HERE.

Why are we watering huge expanses of lawn in a severe drought? Do we deny that drought is the new normal?

Many developments have replaced lawn with indigenous plants that are
drought tolerant and wildlife friendly. Originally people came to live in the Conejo Valley and
Thousand Oaks because they wanted to live near nature and open space. Ironically, developers paved paradise and planted lawns.

Some HOA members may think lawns are pretty. Lawn maintenance is a cultural aesthetic that originated in 16th century England and began as pasture land, trimmed by livestock. It came to this country as a bourgeois status symbol. In the past, the lack of a lawn was considered blight.

If HOA members are worried about property values, they are sorely out-of-touch with the fact that more buyers these days are sold on “green” or energy conserving features. Buyers are primarily concerned with keeping HOA dues low, and saving the expense of lawn maintenance will help. Solar panels on the roofs, using the money saved from irrigation and lawn maintenance, would also save the association a bundle.

Owners could pay the association for electricity rather than pay the utility
company. Lawns will soon be out of style and actually lower our property values as
water becomes scarce.

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Monday, April 06, 2015
This week on Wed, April 8, Los Angeles Regional Planning will vote whether to advance the
development of 16 new home in Monte Nido. The area near Piuma and Cold Canyon Roads could
be drastically changed forever.
This bucolic setting is an area of wildlive habitat, and in a time of severe drought, this is the wrong place and the wrong time for this development. The freshly minted
Local Coastal Plan would seem to prevent this type of development. The Planning department will be asked to appove the developers Environmental Impact Report. If you feel that this would be WRONG, please submit your letter asap:
PROJECT NO. R2012-02436 TO 02440 AND R2013-03620 TO 03630-(3) ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT CASE NO. 201200258
SUPPORT – Invalidate Approvals in Concept for Vintage Pacific. Comply with LCP.

OPPOSE – Validation of MND. Require New Environmental Review.

Honorable Los Angeles County Planning Commissioners,

I/we SUPPORT the LCP - and the staff's recommendation that the - Vintage Pacific 16 home development tract proposed project - be subject to and implemented under our newly certified Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Program (LCP) as required.

I/we also OPPOSE the staff's recommendation to validate the Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND), because it is insufficient for a newly re-designed project under the LCP. It has not adequately addressed the impacts - and therefore requires new environmental review.

A 16 home tract subdivision in the Santa Monica Mountains certified coastal zone will have significant negative impacts to the publics' resources: it could forever change the rural character of the Monte Nido community nested in the mountains and protected by our LCP; impact our sensitive and finite biological and spectacular scenic resources; impair our wildlife corridors and habitat; and, permanently tarnish the viewshed, particularly from the renowned Backbone Trail.


Your Name/Affiliation(if applicable)/Address

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