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Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Mountain Lions were here First!
Regarding the front page Article Cougar Attack leaves homeowner on edge in the Acorn Jan. 15-
So sad that the Park Service would issue a depredation permit (euphamism for killing a protected wild animal). We encroach and denude it's habitat, then say "it's pretty disconcerting to know you have an animal like this out and about in the neighborhood" to quote Jack Gill.  That "animal like this" was there first, and just acting instinctively.  
The Mountain Lion Foundation's website, has a wealth of information about how to co-exist with mountain lions.  Light and sound deterrents, better or electric fencing (Mr. Gill admitted he had a breach in his fence and that he was away), maintaining a cleared buffer zone, and keeping animals sheltered dusk to dawn, may be more hassle and expense than complaining to the park service, but they are more humane and permanent solutions.  Killing one lion won't prevent another from coming in the future.  That "animal like this" may have a den of kittens somewhere.  
Due to the pervasive use of anti-coagulant rodenticides, and speeding cars, these large cats are doomed. What is disconcerting is that we would intentionally destroy even one of them. 
I empathize with Mr. Gill for loosing his pets.  When my kids had pygmy goats, we would make sure the large horses shared their space. The goats had a shelter with a small opening into which they could hide. And still, after many years, one of the oldest goats was killed by what I think was a coyote.  It was my fault for not doing everything possible to safeguard my pets.  It never occurred to me to try to trap the predator or to complain to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy or Park Service.classa
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