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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Landslide Victory - Illece Buckley Weber Reelected
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Two Women to Clean up the Mess

Illece Buckley Weber and Linda Northrup were elected to fill the two vacancies on the Agoura Hills City Council.  Voters were adament that future decisions of the council not go the way they have been.

When Agoura Hills City Council members agreed to sell the 71 Acre Chesebro Meadow, the goal was to settle a lawsuit with the buyer.  In hindsight, the expense of continuing the suit, and the liability should the city have lost in court, was a paltry sum compared to the value of the meadow measured in dollars AND in its critical benefit to the survival of many species in the Santa Monica Mountains. 

The city figured they might lose the lawsuit, and their defendant was the only buyer to come forward.  The public did not have any vote on the matter - a deal was struck.  While it seemed like the only option at the time, the sale of the Chesebro Meadow for less than $1M was unfortunate.  The sale was contingent on the Final Environmental Impact Report certification.  While there are other conditions to be met, including the annexation of the land to the city, certifying the FEIR was the first step.

The second mistake may have been a foregone conclusion -  tethered to the sale agreement.  At the City Planning Commission and Council meeting, experts gave compelling testimony why the FEIR was inadequate, and yet 3 out of 5 planners, and 3 out of 5 council members voted to certify that document. 

On Tuesday, November 3, 2015, registered voters of the City of Agoura Hills had the opportunity to elect two members of the City Council. 

Three candidates voted that the FEIR inadequately addressed fire evacuation safety or the potential effects on the development to a proposed wildlife crossing.  They were Chris Anstead, Linda Northrup, and Illece Buckley Weber.

The Old Agoura Homeowner's Association endorsed Northrup and Buckley Weber because they deemed the FEIR inadequate.  Their votes counted this time.

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