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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Own A Landmark Pony Club and Ashram for Sale

On September 1, 2015, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors adopted the Historic Preservation Ordinance. As of Oct.1, applications are being taken to deem a property a Landmark and afford the owner certain protections and benefits. The ordinance was passed to identify properties of historic interest and importance for the educational, cultural, economic, and general welfare of the public.

There are two properties that just came on the market for sale in Agoura which meet some of the criteria for registration as a LANDMARK.

Agoura-Woodland Hills Pony Club

The United States Pony Club is an institution dating back to 1954. The USPC aims to teach children to be well-rounded horse people with complete knowledge of riding on the flat, in the open, jumping, and horse care.

"The United States Pony Clubs, Inc., develops character, leadership, confidence and a sense of community in youth..."

The Agoura-Woodland Hills Pony Club is one of the first clubs on the west coast and resides on 52 acres at the end of Chesbro Rd. The land, including the adjacent 30 acres leased to a herb farm, is beautiful - and is for sale.

Shanti Anantam Ashram

The importance of Alice Coltrane to 20th-Century music cannot be overstated.  While she passed away in 2007, Coltrane's work as a composer and multi-instrumentalist in the realm of avant-garde and spiritual jazz continues to influence legions of musicians.  

Coltrane quest for spiritual enlightenment inspired her artistry.  Along with the Beatles and other musicians in the 1960's, Coltrane introduced the western world to Indian religions.  She established her Vedantic Center in 1976 as a nonprofit organization.  The Center still serves as a sanctuary today on 47 acres in Triunfo Canyon.  "The land is conducive to spiritual practice and development."  It is sublime -  and it is for sale.

Could either of these properties qualify as a historical landmark?   If not, they will still be an important footnote in the annals of Agoura history - and now they are for sale. Call Nona Green for more information  818 426-2292


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