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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Equestrian Neighborhood Riding Arena Gets New Footing
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Back in 1994, The City of Agoura Hills and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy joined forces to create Old Agoura Equestrian Park.  One thing was omitted from the development plan - arena footing.  Only with the donation from the first horse show put on Agoura Horse Property, Inc. in 1994, was a truckload of sand added.  Twelve years later, that sand is gone, and what is left is a combination of clay, rocks, and manure.  The drainage in non-existent, so after any measurable rain, the arena is closed for days.  
Poor footing can cause injury to horses - anything from a stone bruise to ligament tears to excessive wear and tear on joints over time.  Many serious equestrians shun Old Agoura Park for that reason.  
Finally, the City has apportioned funds for new footing, and bids are submitted. We can expect to see new footing in the area this fall, and expect Old Agoura horse property to increase in desirability as a result.  
The description of proper footing can vary depending on the availability of materials, weather conditions, and is our case drought.  A comprehensive article on the subject: 
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