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Friday, July 07, 2017

Fired up about Fireworks
TO:  Nick Newkirk, City of Agoura Hills Parks and Recreation Department
Dear Nick,
Thank you for your email.  I want to point out that giving horse and pet owners a head's up falls short of solving the primary problems with fireworks near open space and in an equestrian community.
At best, homeowners who have advance notice can arrange to be present should a horse be injured so they can timely administer first aid.  Perhaps the owner can confine a horse to a small area where it is less likely to be impaled or break a leg.  There is not a way to put earplugs in their ears, or sedate them such that they won't be frightened.  In the most sensitive animals, fireworks can induce colic, ulcers, or a heart attack. 
The distance from Chumash Park to the conservancy land behind the high school is 1000 feet.  To quote a phrase on the Federal Government website, this Sunday's display (and for that matter, all the displays at the high school) may be in violation of Federal Law:  which says the explosives cannot be within 3/4 mile of protected wildlife habitat.
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I appreciate that you're sensitive to my concerns. Does that mean the duration of the explosions can be shortened?  Are you using silent fireworks?  How about a pledge to eliminate them from future events at Chumash Park?  
I realize that fireworks are a tradition on the 4th of July.  In this case, this event is a concert in the park on the 9th, and I question the value of this display when there are deleterious consequences to the environment.  Please tell me what needs to happen for them to stop.
Thanks Again,
Nona Green
On Fri, Jul 7, 2017 at 7:59 AM, Nick Newkirk <> wrote:



Thank you so much for your email and letting us know about your concerns.

If it comforts you at all, the City of Agoura Hills makes every effort to not only keep the area safe from any fires that may break out, but also reach out to the local horse community via the HOA in the hopes that people will take whatever steps necessary to keep their animals safe.  We have the fire department present at the event as well as local sheriff that will keep the firing area safe as well as handle traffic flow after the show is completed.

We are very sensitive, and have been over the past several years, to make every attempt for this to be a safe and enjoyable event for all parties involved.  If you have any further concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to email me or call me!

Nick Newkirk

Recreation Supervisor

City Of Agoura Hills

(818) 597-7325




Dear City of Agoura Hills and Waste Management,


It is regretful that there will be fireworks this weekend at Chumash Park.  The park is adjacent an equestrian community and less than a mile from open space, home to wildlife.

It would seem that this venue is inappropriate for fireworks which are known to cause significant harm to the environment and wildlife. Especially in a high fire severity zone, the timing is suspect, not only due to the fire risk, but the nearby recent brush fires have already compromised air quality.  This activity should not be encouraged in this area, especially this time of year, especially here.

Horses and other animals can be seriously injured when frightened by the sounds.  Birds are disoriented and are known to abandon their nests,  Perhaps this coming weekend, the quantity and magnitude of the explosive devices can be limited.  

Please be informed.  I appreciate your consideration.

Nona Green

A concerned neighbor


On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 6:05 PM, City of Agoura Hills - Department of Community Services <> wrote:

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