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Friday, April 26, 2013

Kentucky Derby Hopeful Owned by Agoura Local
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Goldencents, Kentucky Derby winner prospect (favored in the top 10!) is owned by an Agoura businessman. Glenn Sorgenstein was bitten by the horsefly when he raised his kids in Old Agoura. He now lives on bigger pasture in Lobo Canyon.

Old Agoura and Lobo Canyon in the Malibu Canyon area are popular for the rural ambiance and horse friendly zoning. Many residents in these areas appreciate the hard work and risks that race horses endure.  Glenn and his partners have had their share of heartbreak that is all to common in a sport where anything can happen. The Kentucky Derby represents the top eschelon of equid athetics. There will be some serious and not so serious partying this Saturday.  I'll be rooting for team Agoura, Glenn and Goldencents,  on Derby Day, May 4.

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