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Monday, June 24, 2013

House Showing Horrors
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I showed a home in Old Agoura on Saturday.  I must have missed the warning sign upon entering the home that said "WARNING - Use discretion when viewing this home as the visual presentation may be disturbing".

What I saw in that house has left me unsettled for the past 3 days. HEADS - attached to necks and chests, of exotic wildlife - endangered species: elk, gazelle, wildebeest, water buffalo - trophies on the walls.

My customer gasped audibly. My reaction was physical as well.  The owner of the property saw our expression and commented with pride, "and we ate every one of those animals!"

Old Agoura is an equestrian community.  As a rule, people want to live there because they are kindred spirits with animals and they commune with nature and wildlife. Animal heads on the walls are just so WRONG.

Unless they live in a cave, people know that big game hunting is bad for the animals, the ecology, and for the economy of Africa where threatened animal populations hurt tourism.

The listing agent for the home compared it to a lodge in Montana.  Is that where hunters and other rednecks live?  I imagine fat impotent rich men getting off by shooting lions in virtual cages. Certainly that's a distraction when viewing a home for sale.

If you recognize yourself as the owner of the home I showed on Saturday, you can thank your real estate agent for not persuading you to take the heads off the walls before putting your home on the market.

Perhaps you can donate the animal heads to the Museum of Natural Science.  Pretty soon, that will be the only place left where these creatures can be seen. 

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