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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Agoura City Council sells Chesebro Meadow Behind the Public's Back
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Do you share the sentiments expressed in this letter written by Larry Brown? Most offensive about the sale is the Agoura Hills City Council's secrecy. Just as the community was lulled into thinking that the plan was for the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy to buy the land, the deal was struck behind their backs. What is to say that the buyer, who has already pressured the city with a lawsuit, won't sue yet again for the right to do whatever they want with the land, regardless of the city's so-called restrictions? The Council's track record is to back down and succumb to the pressures of a lawsuit. They've caved to another developer who sued the city for approval of a project on the corner of Driver and Chesebro. Read the Acorn article by clicking HERE.
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Dear Denis [Mayor of the City of Agoura Hills],

Speaking as an old friend who wants to communicate to you, as "heart to heart" as is humanly possible , I can not over state how sick to my stomach I am that the council can even consider not going through with the law suit to clear the title to the Heschel land. This is a mistake of cataclysmic proportions. 

These [people] are already 
acting like they own the place. They are trespassing on people's properties, driving a Mini Cooper and other vehicles all the way back and parking on top of the hill in the middle of fire season, leaving trash all over the place and generally being obtrusive.

Not long ago, Illece Weber told me there was "no deal as of yet", but given what I have personally witnessed, I simply do not believe that anymore. These guys have been back there disturbing the sanctity of the neighborhood for at least 6 weeks and there is no way on earth these guys are going to these lengths unless they believe they have a deal. I am not talking about ink or technicalities. I am talking about what is.

We are dealing with "open space" and not just any open space, but the very most strategic open space from the perspective of the homeowners, from the perspective of the city who requires a buffer, a wildlife corridor, and from the broader perspective who lament excessive development generally. It is my sincere feeling that you are grossly underestimating the value of this land and over estimating the downside should things not go our way. There is always a way to finance a project but once this land is gone, it is gone for good and the quality of life of many of your friends, particularly Ron and Kelly are going to be greatly diminished. It is my understanding that this developer is not trustworthy and has been embroiled in numerous law suits and he has already proven to me that he is a slime ball by playing both ends against the middle, not the tactic of an upstanding businessman.

I am extremely unhappy about this "penny wise, pound foolish" direction the council appears to be taking and all I can tell you is I intend to fight this project, and encourage the community to fight it with every tool at my disposal. We have worked far too long and hard to roll over for these creeps now.

Ironic that on the 10th of July, we will honor some of our locals for "the day of the cowboy". I feel compelled to remind the council that in order for these honors to amount to anything more than a mouth full of empty rhetoric, the council will have to remember what is important to cowboys.

Cowboys are about wide open spaces.

Cowboys do not back down from a fight, even when the odds are difficult. 

Cowboys do not roll over, especially when threatened with blackmail.

Cowboys place honor above dollars and cents etc.

I can not place my opposition to this project in stronger terms. This open space is literally priceless and no matter what the numbers are, given the circumstances, they do not even begin to mitigate, no less justify the disgraceful consideration of this wrong headed capitulation.

Denis, I am begging you to rethink this. After coming this far and fighting so many battles, it is crazy to surrender .... and lose the war. Again, I intend to fight this development and to encourage everyone I know to do the same right down to the very end, win, lose or draw.


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Joe on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 10:22 PM

Perhaps "unknown" can explain what information is false. That the city sold the lot? That they did it without public knowledge?
unknown on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 8:47 PM

Perhaps the interests of the broader Community might be better served if correct information is posted by informed individuals. Providing a forum for spreading false information is a disservice.
Cynthia on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 7:49 PM

Honestly, I'm beyond words. Speechless. It's appalling.
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