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Monday, August 19, 2013

House versus Home
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Should one buy a house or a home?

Put another way, should one buy a property primarily for it's investment potential, it's prestige factor, or to maximize that tax shelter, versus buying a property that provides emotional stability and a lifestyle for the family? 
This is a short article about the difference of buying a property and making it you home or making it just a house, just a place to live. Logic vs emotion.
As a broker who specializes in semi-rural and equestrian properties in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, the choice is clear. Typically, in order to live in a more rural environment, a sacrifice is made to give up square footage in exchange for more land and/or privacy from other homes.  My clientele includes people who may have already owned the dream house and found that bigger, fancier, and more expensive isn't the priority for them.  They want to raise their families off the beaten path, want some room to grow things, interact with nature, and rely less on the external features of a property to make them happy.
Research suggests that buying a "home" even if it means giving up the ideal of the elite crowd, contributes to living happily:
Please comment on the choices you've made about whether to buy a "house" or a "home".
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