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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Local Homeowner's Group Spearheads Fight to Control Use of Rodent Poisons
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Last night, the Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation voted to lead the fight against the use of anti-coagulant rodenticides in the Conejo Valley and beyond.  They will be writing letters to local and state officials to support an outright ban on the sale of these products.

After a presentation by Kiam Shulman of  Poison Free Malibu, the LVHF was moved to action. 

The link between anti-coagulant rodenticides and the decline of wildlife is clear:

The decline of the owls, hawks, bobcats, weasels, coyotes, and other natural rodent predators will actually exacerbate the infestation of the unwanted animals that that the poisons are used to control. We are poisoning our natural control system.  The use of these poisons are cruel as the method of death is slow and excruciating.  Children and pets are at risk from accidential ingestions of the poisons.
What can be done?  
Spread the word. Tell the merchants, feed stores, and suppliers that they should cease selling these products.  Employ safe practices to control nuisance rodents:  
When seeking professional help to control rodents, look for the companies certification from one of these organizations:
Sign our petition:
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