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Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th 2013 - Would you buy a house today?
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Friday the 13th, 2013
Would you by a house today?
Some people wouldn't buy a house ANYTIME in 2013, let alone Friday the 13th.  Clothiers and wedding planners attribute a decrease in sales volume to the year 2013.  Kim Kardashian says she won't marry her baby daddy this year because it's bad luck (did she marry her first husband on the 13th?!).

Superstitions about the number 13 may have had biblical origins and statistics vary about whether more or less accidents happen on that day.  Cultural bias has perpetuated the fact that many people are uncomfortable with the number 13th.  Builders will commonly omit the number 13 from elevators and apartment numbers.
Meanwhile, 2013 has been a banner year for real estate in Los Angeles County.  Conejo Valley has seen it's largest increase in home values this year than ever recorded. If there are home buyers waiting for the clock to strike 2014, imagine how much more of a seller's market it would be if they jumped in as well. It has certianly been a lucky year so far if you own real estate, or stocks for that matter.  Maybe it's not so lucky if you're stockpiling precious metals.... 

I say, this is a lucky day if you are buying a home. Rates are still low, the frenzy of this spring has cooled somewhat, and it's less likely someone will outbid you today. 

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