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Monday, October 21, 2013

Mary Weisbrock Endorses Candidates for City Council
I am endorsing the following three candidates for the Agoura Hills City Council race.  I feel they will listen to the residents of Agoura Hills, andwork to solve our traffic problems and are the best choice to listen to the concerns of Old Agoura and Save Open Space on the upcoming environmental document for the deer studded Chesebro Meadow.
It’s easy to mark the ballot:  Their names are the last three names on the ballot!  ASP
                 Chris Anstead    "A" 
           Harry Schwarz   "S"
                  Meril  Platzer     "P"
Help spread the word to your Agoura Hills friends!
From: Mary Wiesbrock, Chair Save Open Space/Santa Monica Mountains
There are three City Council seats to fill in the upcoming November 5 2013 election iAgoura Hills. For the first time, there are challangers to the incumbents who are running for a new term.  A segment of the population, mostly Old Agoura residents, are upset with the city’s handling of the Chesebro Meadows property sale. The city recently purchased the 71-acre site just east of Old Agoura and has given a developer permission to build 15 luxury homes on the land. Old Agoura, after getting its wish not to have a school developed there, is now battling the homes. They want the full acreage preserved as open space.

The contentious issue figures to carry over into the November election.

Agoura Hills Mayor Denis Weber and City Council members Bill Koehler and Harry Schwarz are each running for additional four-year terms. They will face challenges from Meril Platzer, a doctor who’s lived in the city for 32 years and ran unsuccessfully for City Council in 2011, and from marketing executive Chris Anstead, a six-year resident.

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Meril Platzer on Saturday, October 26, 2013 at 7:59 AM

I want to thank Mary Wiesbrock for endorsing me in the upcoming race for Agoura Hills City Council. She is a champion in the preservation of our parklands and open space. I am honored by her endorsement.
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