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Monday, March 10, 2014

Las Virgenes Road Widening

To better service a couple of major developments off the 101 Fwy at Las Virgenes Rd. in Calabasas, plans are underway to widen an approximately 1.5 mile stretch of Las Virgnes to a four-lane highway.

Canyon Oaks, consisting of approximately 150 homes on 77 acres, and Entrada, 86 townhomes on 21 acres, are slated for construction.
At a time of severe drought, and decimation of wildlife due to encroaching development, the scenic corridor that connects open space on both sides of the 101 Fwy, will be no more, in the name of progress.  
A community workshop was held last week to discuss details about the road widening.  There were concerns that deer, coyotes, and big cats end up roadkill too often on Las Virgenes and other canyon roads.  At a time when the need for wildlife crossings are critical, the development will reduce habitat even more, and create high speed death traps. 
As home-buyers will undoubtedly scramble to buy up the new housing, hopes that they can vow to reduce speeds and brake for wildlife. 
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