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Monday, April 28, 2014

Segregation in 2014 in the Conejo Valley

Segregation in 2014?  In the Conejo Valley?  Really?  

     60 years after Jim Crow Laws were outlawed, student population in each Conejo Valley school is either predominantly white, or dramatically diverse in comparison.  83% versus 60% white in each of two schools that are less than 2 miles away from each other.
     In 2000, the federal government decided that anti-segregation laws were no longer needed.  In this short period of time, the educational system in many towns across the country is completely separate, and definitely not equal.  This article in the April issue of The Atlantic, sheds light on this phenomenon. 
     Accelerating the return of segregation, is the accessibility of city and school ethnic data on the internet. Real estate information websites that offer MLS data, also provide links to the racial composition of the neighborhood, and school information sites like show the racial composition of the schools.  As a real estate agent, by law, how many whites, blacks, hispanics, jews or gays live in an particular area is none of my business.  Meanwhile, the websites do a fine job of steering people to one area over another.
     This past weekend, I overheard one white mother talking to another about her pre-schooler, "you are lucky if can keep your kid out of Sumac Elementary* - it's heavily Hispanic".
The response from the pre-schooler's monther: "Well I definitely would worry about my kid being ignored while his teachers are attempting to translate lessons into Spanish."  
In a school that has embraced dual language immersion and the L-STEM program, has extraordinarily high average test scores and an excellent reputation with parents, is white flight happening?
     Please read the Atlantic article and then share your thoughts on the subject.  Thank you from Agoura Horse Property, Inc.
     *Sumac Elementary, located in Agoura Hills, is a school within the Las Virgenes Unified School District.
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