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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Raised garden beds are HOT, Lawns are NOT
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Lawns are fading in popularity -  they are water hogs, and homebuyers more and more are scrutinizing the water bill when they buy a home.  An assortment of raised bed gardens can be a beautiful and edible alternative. encourages the use of these attractive and practical landscape features, as this home for sale in Old Agoura depicts.

The Las Virgines Municiple Water District will credit customers up to $2500 to remove a lawn.  With the savings, it is relatively easy to contstruct an attractive arrangement of raised bed gardens.

Raised beds create an environment for plants that is controled as to soil amendment and water conditions, drainage, and weed abatement, so everyone can have a green thumb. Untreated lumber that is naturally rot/termite resistant (think cedar or redwood) is a better material than creosote soaked railroad ties or any other treated material that may be toxic.

Rural and horse zoned neighborhoods will naturally embrace the trend. In tract neighborhoods, there are still Rules and Regulations on the books that insist lawns be maintained. These restrictions will not be enforceable for much longer as politics trends in favor of the environment and water conservation. features a home for sale in Old Agoura with an assortment of colorful flowers and edibles in raised beds - lovely rock walkways with sitting areas winding through the garden made it an even nicer place to commune with plants.  From Agoura Hills June 3, 2014

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