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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Need Brush Clearance Get Goat Busters!
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Need brush clearance?  Who ya gonna call?  GOAT busters..... 
Goats make better weed whackers, and they're cuter.  They are also quieter and omit less carbon.

Jan Gerstel, President of the Morrison Ranch Estates explains, 
"The HOA commissioned the goats to do our weed abatement of over 28 acres. This will take approximately 30 days.  The goats are contained within a electrified (just a shock, not dangerous to people) and moved as they eat all the weeds in the area.  Each goat eats about 8 pounds of weeds a day and we have over 300 goats.

This is an eco-friendly alternative to having men on the hills with weed whackers making loud noises and posing a danger of a spark lighting a fire on the hillsides.  As a matter of fact, the goats are less expensive than the weed whackers."

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